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CWPPRA Technical Committee Meeting
December 3, 2020, 9:30 a.m.
Instructions to Participate Virtually


Due to COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, the CWPPRA Technical Committee will hold a virtual meeting in place of the regularly scheduled public meeting. This virtual meeting will take place on December 3rd at 9:30 a.m. via WebEx. The public is invited to participate. Detailed instructions on how to access the meeting and how to submit comments and questions are provided on the following pages of this document.

You will also have the option to activate your webcam and share your video connection during the meeting. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the following pages. Though not required, sharing your video is encouraged so that our virtual meeting more closely resembles an in-person public meeting.

If you have connection issues, troubleshooting guidance is provided at the end of this document.

What is WebEx? WebEx is a company that develops web-conferencing applications. It is completely free for you to sign in to the CWPPRA Technical Committee Meeting.

Required Devices:
  • Computer (with WiFi access)
  • Phone
  • WebCam (Optional: necessary if you choose to share your video)

Joining the WebEX
  1. In your internet browser, search:
    *The best method is to copy and paste the above link into Google Chrome. WebEx appears differently in various internet browsers such as: Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc. Internet Explorer does not support the WebEx software. Each visual shown in these instructions are screenshots of WebEx using the Google Chrome browser. You will be automatically directed to the screen shown below:

  2. Select ‘Join from your browser’. You will then be directed to the screen shown below:

  3. Fill in Your Name (first and last) and, include your affiliation, i.e. John Doe, Landowner. Then enter your Email Address in its respective dialogue box. Then select ‘Next’

  4. If you do not wish to share your video, select ‘Stop video’ indicated by the orange arrow in the above image. If you would like to show yourself, skip this step. You will have the option to turn on and off your camera at any point during the meeting by selecting this button.
  5. Next, select the ‘Use computer audio’ drop down button, indicated by the green arrow in the above image. Then, you will be automatically directed to the screen shown below:

  6. In the box to the right of the ‘Call me at’ section, type in your telephone number, including the area code, in the dialogue box (a green arrow in the image above points directly to this box). Then press Enter on your keyboard.

  7. Select ‘Join meeting’. The program will then call the phone number you entered, Answer it! Using your phone keyboard, type “1” when directed to.

You should now be connected audibly and visually to the meeting.

How to Request to Speak
Similar to the typical in-person Technical Committee meetings, the public will be given the opportunity to provide comments or ask questions after each agenda item. Because this is a virtual meeting, background noises need to be monitored and all lines will be placed on a global mute. Through WebEx, you will be utilizing the Chat Box to submit a request to speak. Once your name is called, you will be directed to dial *6 on your phone to unmute your line. After you provide your statement, you will be directed to dial *6 again to re-mute your phone.

At the bottom of your screen, a row of icons should appear. See image below:

  1. Click the Chat Box icon. (the green arrow above is pointing directly at the icon) A chat box will appear on the right hand side of your screen, as shown in the image below:


  2. In the chat box, ensure that ‘Everyone’ is selected in the drop down menu after ‘To:’
  3. Type [Your first and last name] in the chat box to indicate that you would like to speak

  4. Press “Enter” on your keyboard to send the message.
  5. You will be called upon by name and asked to dial *6 on your phone keypad. This will unmute your phone. A CWPPRA representative will confirm that we hear you and you may provide your statement.
  6. Once you have provided your statement, you will be directed to dial *6 on your phone keypad again. This will re-mute your phone.
*Please remain patient - Your name will be called in the order in which the requests were received.


In the case that you encounter a lost or interrupted audio/telephone connection, you may either dial in directly using the information provided below,

-------------------------- Audio Conference --------------------------
USA Toll-Free: 844-800-2712
ACCESS CODE: 199 743 4008
Meeting Number: 199 743 4008
OR you can click the ‘Connect audio’ icon seen in the image below, redirect the system to call your phone again (repeating Step 6 from the ‘Joining the WebEx’ instructions) and you will receive a phone call to re-join the meeting.

If your visual connection is lost or interrupted, your internet connection may be weak. If you are removed from the meeting, you will have to repeat the log in instructions above from the ‘Joining the WebEx’ section.


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