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    Coastal Connection Trailer
    We’ll investigate issues and topics along the Gulf Coast and explore your personal connection to the coastal wetlands that support Louisiana’s working coast. The news from the coast can be daunting, contradictory, and discouraging. We’re losing land at a rapid pace--although not as rapidly as we once were--plants and animals struggle to adapt and survive in ever-changing conditions, people are facing relocation but don’t want to leave the only livelihood they’ve ever known. But it’s not all bad! Louisiana is a leader in coastal resilience planning and mitigation and the work of restoration is becoming more engaged with residents and culturally-focused. So secure your belongings safely and buckle up as we explore the bounty of the wetlands on the Coastal Connection.
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    Episode 1 - All About Alligators
    Coastal Connection Episode 1, All About Alligators
    This episode features interviews with Jeb Linscombe with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, St. Mary Parish Alligator Nuisance Trapper Ryan Smith, and owner of Cocodri, Mary Tutwiler.
    Released: February 11, 2020
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