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The CWPPRA Program would like the public to be aware of what is going on with our coastal wetlands. The CWPPRA Newsflash is sent out by email to do just that.

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Past Newsflashes
4/18/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - 2024 Youth Wetlands Writing Contest!
4/12/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA PPL 34 Candidate Vote - Technical Committee
4/5/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - CRCL's 2024 Coastal Stewardship Awards
4/3/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - You're Invited! CWPPRA's Coastal Celebration at the LaBranche East Marsh Creation
4/3/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Technical Committee Meeting Agenda - DRAFT
3/27/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - Request for Public Comment for CWPPRA's PPL 34 Nominee Projects!
3/13/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - CRCL 2024 Shell-A-Bration
3/6/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - March 2024 Newsletter
3/1/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA PPL 34 Nominee Voting Results
2/20/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - CRCL Extends Nomination Deadline for Coastal Stewardship Awards
2/8/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - February Newsletter
1/29/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - CWPPRA Regional Planning Team Meetings this Week!
1/23/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - Everything you Need to Know to Submit a Project to be Considered for CWPPRA Funding!
1/23/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - Task Force Meeting Agenda (Draft) and Parking Information
1/3/2024CWPPRA Newsflash - January 2024 Newsletter
12/15/2023CWPPRA Newsflash - Results from CWPPRA Technical Committee Meeting December 14, 2023
12/13/2023CWPPRA Newsflash - Update: CWPPRA Regional Planning Team (RPT) Meeting Dates
12/7/2023CWPPRA Newsflash - December Newsletter!
11/30/2023CWPPRA Newsflash - NRCS Notice of Intent to Adopt NOAA PEIS

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The Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Planning Protection and Restoration Act Program web site contains information and links relating to coastal restoration projects in coastal Louisiana. This site is funded by CWPPRA and is maintained by the USGS National Wetlands Research Center.