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Animal Quiz

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Coastal Louisiana is a diverse and wondrous place. It supports a diverse variety of wildlife. The wetlands of the area provide habitat for approximately 216 species of birds, 47 mammals, and 90 reptiles and amphibians. In the following activity you will be given clues about an animal that can be found in the wetland area. See if you can identify each animal correctly on your first try.

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Question 1

Beware of that log you see floating in the water. It has eyes and they belong to me. I am ferocious looking, but usually I am shy and will avoid you unless you disturb my nest. I can be 8 to 15 feet long, so the only predator I worry about is man. What am I?

Question 2

I help create wetlands by building dams and lodges. My dark brown coat is much admired. I make a loud slapping noise on the water with my tail when I am frightened. What am I?

Question 3

Even though I wear a mask, I am not a bandit. I am smart and determined and can get into or out of most anything I set my mind to. My front paws look very much like your hands. What am I?

Question 4

You can find me in the trees, but I am never very far from water. I am tiny and green, but I can make a lot of noise. The eggs I lay look like a string of beads in the water. What am I?

Question 5

I stand tall, silent, and white in the shallow water hunting for fish or frogs to eat. There is a lot of confusion about my name, but all you have to do is look at my long black legs to know who I really am. What am I?

Question 6

If I am not in the water, I am very near it. I love swimming and diving, but I must come up for a breather now and then. I love to bask in the sun and will even pile on the top of the shell of a friend or two if there is no log around. What am I?

Question 7

Many people consider me the most beautiful of my kind with my multicolored head of iridescent greens, purples, blues, and orange eyes. I love acorns and will waddle away from the water into the bottomland forest to search for them. I can only be found on the North American continent. What am I?



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