Lower Bayou Lacache Hydrologic Restoration (Deauthorized) (TE-19)
Priority Project List: 1
Sponsors: CPRA, NMFS
Parishes: Terrebonne
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Lower Bayou La Cache Hydrologic Restoration (TE-19) 1993 Mosaic
Lower Bayou La Cache Hydrologic Restoration (TE-19) 1993 Mosaic
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  • Product Id: 1993-02-0019
  • Type: Spatial Data
  • Created: 4/14/2004 3:48:00 PM
  • Modified: 4/14/2004
  • Contact: Bill Jones
  • Office: NWRC-GIS
  • Orientation:
  • Scale: Unknown
  • This data set consists of data from mosaicked color infrared 1993 aerial photography for the CWPPRA project, Lower Bayou La Cache Hydrologic Restoration (TE-19). The data are used as base map data for either land/water analysis and/or habitat change analysis. The data can also be used as a visual tool to assist project managers in land loss and any other obvious problems within the project boundary.
Wetland Value Assessment
  • Project Area (acres): 4200
  • Average Annual Habitat Units*: 134
  • Acres Created / Restored: 0
  • Acres Protected: 86
  • Total Net Acres: 86

* Habitat Units represent a numerical combination of habitat quality (Habitat Suitability Index) and habitat quantity (acres) within a given area at a given point in time. Average Annual Habitat Units represent the average number of Habitat Units within any given year over the project life for a given area.

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